Prague, Czech Republic
24 - 28 April 2010


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Sat 24 April 2010
 12:00   20:00    Registration
 13:00  17:00    LOC Satellite Symposium: New kids on the block: Fat and Gut as Novel Targets in T2DM Treatment and Prevention
13:00 - 14:50: Targeting adipose in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus; 15:20 - 17:00: Hormones of GIT tract in the treatment of diabetes
Room: Meeting Hall IV
Chairs: Professor Martin Haluzik (Czech Republic) & Professor Michaela Diamant (The Netherlands)
For more information about this symposium, including registration, please visit
13:00 Can diabetes be treated by targeting adipose tissue? Lessons from animal models
Oksana Gavrilova (USA)
13:25 Endocrine function of adipose tissue from bench to bedside
Martin Haluzik (Czech Republic)
13:50 Thiazolidinediones in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus in 2009
John Betteridge (UK)
14:20 Side effects of thiazolidinediones: how important they really are?
Philip Home (UK)
14:50 Coffee Break & Light Refreshment
15:20 Incretin system and type 2 diabetes mellitus: GLP-1 agonists
Michaela Diamant (The Netherlands)
15:50 DPP-4 agonists in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Hannele Yki-Jarvinen (Finland)
16:20 Cardiovascular effects of incretin-based therapies
Carolyn Deacon (UK)
16:50 Discussion & Closing
 17:30 18:45    Opening Ceremony: Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture
Room: Main Auditorium
Chair: E. Nieschlag (Germany)
Transgenes and physiology in the Growth Hormone axis: a view from the portal
I. Robinson (UK)
 18:45 19:30    Opening Ceremony: European Journal of Endocrinology Prize Lecture
Room: Main Auditorium
Chair: C. Strasburger - Editor-in-Chief of EJE (Germany)
Translating bone cell biology into clinical practice: target identified as RANK ligand
L. Hofbauer (Germany)
 19:30   22:00    Welcome Reception
Room: Exhibition Hall
Sun 25 April 2010
 07:00   20:00    Registration
 07:00  08:15    Satellite Symposia: Controversial Issues in Acromegaly
Faculty presentations will be based on a pre-meeting e-poll
Sponsored by Pfizer
Room: Forum Hall
Chair: Ezio Ghigo (Italy)
 08:30   10:00    Symposium 1: European Networks
Main Auditorium
Chairs: E. Nieschlag (Germany) & J. Christiansen (Denmark)
08:30 S1.1 Endocrinology of the Ageing Male – The European Male Ageing Study (EMAS)
F. Wu (UK)
08:45 S1.2 NECTAR - Network for Environmental Chemical Toxicants Affecting Reproduction
J. Toppari (Finland)
09:00 S1.3 EUGOGO
W. Wiersinga (The Netherlands)
09:15 S1.4 The EuroDSD project and consortium
O. Hiort (Germany)
09:30 S1.5 EurAdrenal
E. Husebye (Norway)
09:45 S1.6 The European Registry on Cushing’s Syndrome (ERCUSYN) Database: First year experience
S. Webb (Spain)
 08:30   10:00    Symposium 2: Endocrine aspects of the metabolic syndrome
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chairs: F. Casanueva (Spain) & TBC
08:30 S2.1 Brain-adipose and brain-liver connections in the metabolic syndrome
E. Fliers (The Netherlands)
08:50 S2.2 Combined GH and IGF-1 treatment
D. Dunger (UK)
09:10 S2.3 Unacylated ghrelin: a metabolic hormone
R. Granata (Italy)
09:30 S2.4 Testosterone treatment in the metabolic syndrome
G. Corona (Italy)
 08:30   10:00    Symposium 3: Bone Cell Biology
Room: Panorama Hall
Chairs: P. Broulik (Czech Republic) & J. Payer (Slovakia)
08:30 S3.1 Skeletal stem cells and mechanisms of bone formation
M. Kassem (Denmark)
09:00 S3.2 Cross talks between Leptin and the skeleton
T. Thomas (France)
09:30 S3.3 The role of the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis in bone
D. Bassett (UK)
 10:00 10:15    Coffee Break and Exhibition
Room: Exhibition Hall
 10:15   11:00    Plenary Lecture 1
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: M. Alevizaki (Greece) & B. Jarzab (Poland)
10:15 PL1 Twenty years' experience with post-Chernobyl thyroid cancer
D. Williams (UK)
 11:00   11:15    Presidential Address
Room: Main Auditorium
 11:15   12:45    Symposium 4: The Ageing Male
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: F. Wu ( UK) & G. Forti (Italy)
11:15 S4.1 Genetic aspects of aging in men
I. Huhtaniemi (Finland)
11:45 S4.2 Osteoporosis in the aging male
D. Vanderschueren (Belgium)
12:15 S4.3 The natural history of symptomatic androgen deficiency in men: Longitudinal results from the Massachussets Male Aging Study
T. Travison (USA)
 11:15   12:45    Symposium 5: Novel targets for thyroid cancer treatment
Room: Forum Hall
Chairs: F. Borson-Chazot (France) & J. Cap (Czech Republic)
11:15 S5.1 Sodium Iodide Symporter
C. Spitzweg (Germany)
11:45 S5.2 Molecular mechanisms in thyroid cancer
M. Santoro (Italy)
12:15 S5.3 Tyrosine kinase inhibitors in thyroid cancer
J. Smit (The Netherlands)
 11:15   12:45    Symposium 6: Neuroendocrine control of reproduction
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chairs: J. Castano (Spain) & R. Millar (UK)
11:15 S6.1 Sexual differentiation of hypothalamic Kiss1 neurons
A.S. Kauffman (USA)
11:35 S6.2 KNDy (kisspeptin/neurokinin B/dynorphin) cells of the arcuate nucleus: a central node in the control of GnRH secretion
M.N. Lehman (Canada)
11:55 S6.3 Consequences of Non-Classical ERα Signaling in Brain
J. Levine (USA)
12:15 S6.4 Insulin regulation of reproductive brain: Rodent and human studies
F. Pralong (Switzerland)
 11:15   12:45    Oral Communications 1: Diabetes & Obesity
Room: Panorama Hall
Chairs: V. Hana (Czech Republic) & I. Konrade (Latvia)
11:15 OC1.1 Role of newly identified immunosuppressive NK cells in autoimmunity
Presenter: Margret Ehlers
M Ehlers; C Papewalis; B Jacobs; A Thiel; S Schinner; H S.Willenberg; W A.Scherbaum; M Schott;
11:30 OC1.2 Glucose insulinotropic peptide (GIP) secretion in Type 2 diabetic and obese non-diabetic persons examined by meal test
Presenter: Jan Škrha
J Škrha; J Hilgertová; M Jarolímková; M Kunešová; M Hill;
11:45 OC1.3 NME7 - a new candidate gene for T2DM
Presenter: Josef Vcelak
J Vcelak; O Seda; M Vankova; P Lukasova; J Vrbikova; J Tremblay; B Bendlova; P Hamet;
12:00 OC1.4 The effect of statin therapy on testosterone levels in subjects consulting for erectile dysfunction
Presenter: Giovanni Corona
G Corona; V Boddi; G Balercia; R Giulia; G deVita; A Sforza; G Forti; E Mannucci; M Maggi;
12:15 OC1.5 Role of PKA regulatory subunit R2B in murine and human adipocyte differentiation
Presenter: Federica Ermetici
F Ermetici; E Peverelli; G Mantovani; S Corbetta; L Avagliano; G Bulfamante; P Beck-Peccoz; A Spada;
12:30 OC1.6 Variation in response to exercise in type 2 diabetes associated to VEGFA and PGC1-alfa expression
Presenter: Henrik Wagner
H Wagner; H Fischer; M Degerblad; P Båvenholm; S Efendic; T Gustafsson;
 13:00   14:30    Lunch & Exhibition
ESE President Meets ESE Affiliated Society Presidents (Invitation Only - Meeting Hall V)
Room: Exhibition Hall
 13:00   15:30    Poster session: Talk to me!
 13:00   14:30    Debate 1: When should we treat transsexualism / gender dysphoria?
During Puberty: H. Delemarre-van de Waal (The Netherlands); After Puberty: G. T'Sjoen (Belgium)
Room: Main Auditorium
Chair: O. Hiort (Denmark)
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 1: Delayed puberty in boys
Room: Forum Hall
E. Malecka-Tendera (Poland)
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 2: Primary hyperaldosteronism
Room: Meeting Hall I
J. Widimsky (Czech Republic)
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 3: The expanding phenotype of adult Turner syndrome
Room: Panorama Hall
C. Gravholt (Denmark)
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 4: Disorders of sexual development (DSD)
Room: Meeting Hall IV
I. Hughes (UK)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 5: How do you choose your treatment in inoperable pancreatic NET?
Room: Forum Hall
B. Kos-Kudla (Poland)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 6: Management of Graves' ophthalmopathy
Room: Meeting Hall I
G. Krassas (Greece)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 7: Cushing's Syndrome
Room: Panorama Hall
M. Boscaro (Italy)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 8: Hyponatraemia: Diagnosis and novel treatments
Room: Meeting Hall IV
C. Thompson (Ireland)
 15:30   17:00    Symposium 7: Approaches to preservation of gonadal function after cancer therapy
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: S. Christin-Maitre (France) & A. Milewicz (Poland)
15:30 S7.1 Ovarian transplantation
C.Y. Anderson (Denmark)
16:00 S7.2 ART/IVF and cryopreservation
M. von Wolff (Germany)
16:30 S7.3 Oocyte cryopreservation
A. Borini (Italy)
 15:30   17:00    Symposium 8: Endocrine tumours: new genes and association with syndromes
Room: Forum Hall
Chairs: J. Bertherat (France) & K. Pacak (Czech Republic)
15:30 S8.1 Pituitary adenoma predisposition caused by AIP germline mutations
L. Aaltonen (Finland)
16:00 S8.2 New multiple endocrine neoplasias: endocrine tumours associated with gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs)
C. Stratakis (USA)
16:30 S8.3 Update on familial pituitary tumours: from multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 to familial isolated pituitary adenoma
A. Beckers (Belgium)
 15:30   17:00    Symposium 9: The role of oxidative stress in the development of the metabolic syndrome
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chairs: A. Sjoholm (Sweden) & C. Meier (Switzerland)
15:30 S9.1 Mitochondrial dysfunction and insulin resistance
M. Roden (Germany)
16:00 S9.2 Macrophage dysfunction and insulin resistance
P. Kovanen (Finland)
16:30 S9.3 Marked improvement of insulin resistance by reduced AGE intake; a non-pharmacologic, non-nutrient based intervention for type 2 diabetes
H. Vlassara (USA)
 15:30   17:00    Oral Communications 2: Thyroid
Room: Panorama Hall
Chairs: Z. Limanova (Czech Republic) & A. Gursoy (Turkey)
15:30 OC2.1 Calcitonin screening and pentagastrin testing: predictive value for diagnosis medullary carcinoma in nodular thyroid disease
Presenter: Burkhard Herrmann
B Herrmann; K Schmid; A Bockisch; M Kemen; K Mann;
15:45 OC2.2 Systemic sodium iodide symporter (NIS) gene transfer in hepatocellular carcinoma using EGF-receptor targeted non-viral gene delivery vectors
Presenter: Kathrin Klutz
K Klutz; D Schaffert; W Rödl; M JWillhauck; A Cengizeroglu; N Wunderlich; F JosefGildehaus; E Wagner; B Göke; M Ogris; C Spitzweg;
16:00 OC2.3 Allelic discrimination in the diagnosis of somatic BRAF V600E mutation on Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsies
Presenter: Mattia Buratto
M Buratto; F Tagliati; G Trasforini; S Leoni; R Rossi; E Uberti; M Zatelli;
16:15 OC2.4 Polyglandular autoimmunity in autoimmune thyroid disease behaves differently from polyglandular autoimmunity in type 1 diabetes
Presenter: Janneke Wiebolt
J Wiebolt; A den Boer; R Achterbergh; B Suelmann; S van der Leij; R de Vries; T van Haeften;
16:30 OC2.5 Thyroid dysfunction related abnormalities in adiponectin and glucose metabolism before and after treatment
Presenter: Didem Ozdemir
D Ozdemir; S Dagdelen; A Usman;
16:45 OC2.6 Percutaneous Laser Ablation (PLA) in non-functioning benign thyroid nodules: a 3-year follow-up study.
Presenter: Roberto Valcavi
R Valcavi; F Riganti; A Bertani; D Formisano; C Pacella;
 17:00   17:15    Coffee Break and Exhibition
Room: Exhibition Hall
 17:15   18:00    Plenary Lecture 2
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: J. Toppari (Finland) & E. Diamanti-Kanarakis (Greece)
17:15 PL2 Testicular dysgenesis and endocrine disruptors
N. Skakkebaek (Denmark)
 18:15   19:45    Satellite Symposium: Progress in the management of postmenopausal osteoporosis
Sponsored by Amgen in collaboration with GSK
Room: Panorama Hall
Chairs: Peter Lakatos (Hungary) & Bente Langdahl (Denmark)
18:15 Welcome from the chairs
Peter Lakatos & Bente Langdahl
18:20 Burden of osteoporosis: why to treat and whom to treat?
Eugene McCloskey (UK)
18:45 RANK Ligand - from molecular discovery to a novel understanding of osteoporosis
Lorenz Hofbauer (Germany)
19:10 RANK Ligand inhibition: the clinical evidence
Silvano Adami (Italy)
19:35 Discussion
19:45 Close of meeting
 18:15   19:45    Satellite Symposium: Improving medical care thanks to multi-targeted therapies
Sponsored by Ipsen
Room: Forum Hall
Chairs: Ann Klibanski (USA) & Ezio Ghigo (Italy)
 18:15   19:45    Satellite Symposium: Cardiovascular impact of therapies in endocrine diseases
Sponsored by Merck Serono
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chair: Josef Marek (Czech Republic)
18:15 Introduction
Josef Marek (Czech Republic)
18:25 Cardiovascular impact of GH therapy in adult Gh deficient patients
L. Sacca (Italy)
18:45 Can early levothyroxine treatment reduce the cardiovascular risk in subclinical hypothyroidism
U. Feldt-Rasmussen (Denmark)
19:05 Cardiovascular benefit of metformine in adults with type 2 diabetes
A. Morris (UK)
19:25 Questions & Answers
Mon 26 April 2010
 08:00   20:00    Registration
 08:45   10:15    Symposium 10: Novel aspects in the treatment of bone disease
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: D. Bassett (UK) & L. Hofbauer (Germany)
08:45 S10.1 Principles of bone biology (the major pathways, RANKL, SOST, Wnt etc)
G. Russell (UK)
09:15 S10.2 Preclinical and clinical effects of RANK ligand inhibition
S. Ferarri (Switzerland)
09:45 S10.3 Teriparatide and parathyroid hormone in the treatment of ostoporosis
M. Kraenzlin (Switzerland)
 08:45   10:15    Symposium 11: Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)
Room: Forum Hall
Chairs: C. Andersen (Denmark) & J. Young (France)
08:45 S11.1 A pivotal role for NR5A1 in human reproductive processes
A. Bashamboo (France)
09:05 S11.2 Premature ovarian failure due to overactivation of primordial follicles in mice
K. Liu (Sweden)
09:25 S11.3 Ovarian AMH - Implications for the diagnosis of premature ovarian failure
A. Themmen (The Netherlands)
09:45 S11.4 Genetic defects in ovarian growth/differentiation factors
L. Persani (Italy)
 08:45   10:15    Symposium 12: Thyroid hormone metabolism and action: new developments
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chairs: J. Koehrle (Germany) & A. Aranda (Spain)
08:45 S12.1 Thyroid hormone transporters
E. Friesema (The Netherlands)
09:05 S12.2 Life without T4 to T3 conversion
V. Galton (USA)
09:25 S12.3 Thyroid hormone signalling in the heart
W. Simonides (The Netherlands)
09:45 S12.4 Significance of thyroid receptor alpha in metabolism
J. Mittag (Sweden)
 08:45   10:15    Oral Communications 3: Pituitary
Room: Panorama Hall
Chairs: P. Vlcek (Czech Republic) & F. Kelestimur (Turkey)
08:45 OC3.1 Sgk1 effects on POMC transcription and ACTH release are opposite to those of glucocorticoids
Presenter: Marie Helene Reiter
M Reiter; G Vila; S Baumgartner-Parzer; E Knosp; L Wagner; G Stalla; A Luger;
09:00 OC3.2 Copeptin, an arginine vasopressin (AVP) marker, as a diagnostic aid in SIADH of cancer
Presenter: Kashinath Dixit
K Dixit; N Morgenthaler; G Brabant;
09:15 OC3.3 Trauma severity, but not hypopituitarism, affects cognitive function after traumatic brain injury: a multi-center study in the Netherlands.
Presenter: Nieke Kokshoorn
N Kokshoorn; J Smit; W Nieuwlaat; N Biermasz; P Bisschop; R Veldman; F Roelfsema; A Franken; M Wassenaar; J Tiemensma; J Romijn; A Pereira;
09:30 OC3.4 Influence of the d3-GH receptor polymorphism on the metabolic and biochemical phenotype of GH deficient adults at baseline and during short- and long-term rhGH replacement therapy.
Presenter: Claudia Giavoli
C Giavoli; E Ferrante; E Profka; L Olgiati; S Bergamaschi; C Ronchi; E Verrua; M Filopanti; E Passeri; L Montefusco; A Lania; S Corbetta; M Arosio; B Ambrosi; A Spada; P Beck-Peccoz;
09:45 OC3.5 Cortisol, but not ACTH/CRH, increases circulating ghrelin in man
Presenter: Ibrahim Azzam
I Azzam; R Limor; N Stern; Y Greenman;
10:00 OC3.6 Young Patients with Sporadic Macroadenomas as target population for AIP mutations screening
Presenter: Maria Tichomirowa
M Tichomirowa; A Barlier; A Daly; M Jaffrain-Rea; R Cozzi; M Yaneva; L Naves; C Ronchi; C Sievers; D Maiter; C Montañana; S Zacharieva; A Beckers;
 10:15   11:00    Plenary Lecture 3
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: I. Huhtaniemi (UK) & M. Tena-Sempere (Spain)
10:15 PL3 Novel regulator of Gonadotropin
R. Millar (UK)
 11:00   11:15    Coffee Break and Exhibition
Room: Exhibition Hall
 11:15   12:45    Symposium 13: The TSH Reference Range
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: P. Laurberg (Denmark) & I. Zosin (Romania)
11:15 S13.1 Determinants of the TSH reference range
H. Voelzke (Germany)
11:35 S13.2 Health outcomes related to TSH values within the reference range
B. Asvold (Norway)
11:55 S13.3 A critical synopsis of current meta-analyses in the field of subclinical thyroid disease
B. Velkeniers (Belgium)
12:15 S13.4 Solving the dilemma: what to do as a simple clinician
S. Mariotti (Italy)
 11:15   12:45    Symposium 14: Novel actions of vitamin D
Room: Forum Hall
Chairs: M. Pfeifer (Slovenia) & M. Kraenzlin (Switzerland)
11:15 S14.1 Vitamin D and Diabetes
C. Mattieu (Belgium)
11:35 S14.2 Vitamin D and wnt signalling in colon cancer
A. Munoz (Spain)
11:55 S14.3 Vitamin D dependent anti-microbio pathways
M. Hewison (USA)
12:15 S14.4 Vitamin D and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells and osteoblasts
H. van Leeuwen (The Netherlands)
 11:15   12:45    Symposium 15: Wnt Signalling
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chairs: M. Tena-Sempere (Spain) & C. Stratakis (USA)
11:15 S15.1 Wnt/Beta-Catenin Controls Stem Cells in Regeneration and Tumor Formation
W. Birchmeier (Germany)
11:45 S15.2 Wnt signaling and the metabolic syndrome
S. Schinner (Germany)
12:15 S15.3 Adipogenesis, diabetes and wnt signaling
J. Sethi (UK)
 11:15   12:45    Oral Communications: Highlights 1
Room: Panorama Hall
Chairs: W. Arlt (UK) & A. Tsatsoulis (Greece)
11:15 H1.1 PEX11beta deficiency impaired ossification by indirectly activating PPARgamma expression and diminishing Runx2 activity
Presenter: Guofeng Qian
11:30 H1.2 Novel pathogenetic pathways of adrenocortical tumors revealed by meta-analysis of genomics data
Presenter: Peter Igaz
11:45 H1.3 Frequent phosphodiesterase 11a (pde11a4) gene mutations in patients with carney complex (cnc) due to prkar1a mutations and adrenal (ppnad) and sertoli cell tumors (lccsct): a digenic disorder?
Presenter: Rossella Libe
12:00 H1.4 Physiological rescue by functional complementation of mutated luteinising hormone receptors in transgenic mice
Presenter: Adolfo Rivero-Müller
12:15 H1.5 Different genes are involved in Pendred’s Syndrome and in Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome
Presenter: Valentina Cirello
 13:00   14:30    Lunch & Exhibition
ESE President Meets New Members of the ESE (Invitation Only)
Room: Exhibition Hall
 13:00   15:30    Poster session: Talk to me!
 13:00   14:30    Debate 2: This house believes that it is important to investigate patients with suspected primary hyperaldosteronism
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: M. Reincke (Germany) & J. Widimsky (Czech Republic)
For: G. Rossi (Italy) & Against: K. Cruikshank (UK)
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 9: Primary hyperparathyroidism: when to intervene?
Room: Forum Hall
C. Marcocci (Italy)
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 10: High throughput mouse phenotyping with metabolomics
Room: Meeting Hall I
J. Adamski (Germany)
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 11: Clinical approach to male infertility
Room: Panorama Hall
C. Krausz (Italy)
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 12: The Zebrafish model
Room: Meeting Hall IV
V. Laudet (France)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 13: Subclinical Hypothyroidism: to treat or not to treat
Room: Forum Hall
V. Fadeyev (Russia)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 14: Practical management of Diabetes
Room: Meeting Hall I
J. Vassallo (Malta)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 15: Genetic and Genomic Studies in Endocrinology
Room: Meeting Hall IV
A. Uitterlinden (The Netherlands)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 16: Secondary Osteoporosis
Room: Meeting Hall IV
J. Stepan (Czech Republic)
 15:30   17:00    Symposium 16: Hot Topics in Pituitary Disease
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: C. Strasburger (Germany) & G. Lombardi (Italy)
15:30 S16.1 Pros and Cons of large scale screening of Cushing's syndrome
A. Tabarin (France)
16:00 S16.2 The safety of dopamine agonists - Clinical perspective
A. Pereira (The Netherlands)
16:30 S16.3 Problems with GH and IGF-1 assays: progress?
M. Bidlingmaier (Germany)
 15:30   17:00    Symposium 17: Genetic basis of infertility: Clinical studies and animal models
Room: Forum Hall
Chairs: P. Bouchard (France) & K. Liu (Sweden)
15:30 S17.1 Genetically modified mouse models for the analysis of reproductive disorders
W. Colledge (UK)
16:00 S17.2 Neurokinin B signalling in human puberty
A.K. Topaloglu (Turkey)
16:30 S17.3 Genetics of Kallmann syndrome
C. Dode (France)
 15:30   17:00    Oral Communications 4: Adrenals
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chairs: S. Tsagarakis (Greece) & E. Husebye (Norway)
15:30 OC4.1 Subtype differentiation in primary hyperaldosteronism – evaluation of alternative algorithms avoiding a controversial gold standard
Presenter: Katharina Lang
K Lang; S Hahner; O Vonend; L Rump; M Quninkler; S Diederich; K Maier; F Beuschlein; M Bidlingmaier; S Endres; C Engelke; R Kickuth; M Fassnacht; M Reincke; B Allolio;
15:45 OC4.2 A mouse model with hyperaldosteronism carrying an ENU induced mutation on chromosome 9
Presenter: Ariadni Spyroglou
A Spyroglou; S Wagner; M Bidlingmaier; T Bozoglu; B Rathkolb; A Schrewe; M Angelis; F Beuschlein;
16:00 OC4.3 Novel mutations in the glucocorticoid receptor gene : from familial bilateral adrenal hyperplasia to glucocorticoid receptor haploinsufficiency
Presenter: Jacques Young
J Young; S Trabado; J Bouligand; L Amazit; S Viengchareun; A Guichon-Mantel; B Delemer; M Lombes;
16:15 OC4.4 Combined anticortisolic therapy by metyrapone, ketoconazole and mitotane: an alternative to adrenalectomy in severe Cushing’s syndrome
Presenter: Peter Kamenicky
P Kamenicky; C Droumaguet; E Baudin; S Salenave; S Trabado; L Cazabat; P Chanson; J Young;
16:30 OC4.5 Effects of mitotane on testicular adrenal rest tumors size, sperm count and adrenal steroidogenesis in patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency
Presenter: Anne Bachelot
A Bachelot; S Salenave; R Renard; L Rocher; J Dulon; C Coussieu; S Brailly-Tabard; Y Morel; P Touraine; J Young;
16:45 OC4.6 Serum Cortisol Predicts Increased Cardiovascular Mortality in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome
Presenter: Andreas Tomaschitz
A Tomaschitz; S Pilz; E Ritz; T Grammer; C Drechsler; B Boehm; W Maerz;
 15:30   17:00    Oral Communication Highlights 2
Room: Panorama Hall
Chairs: P. Beck-Peccoz (Italy) & P. Igaz (Hungary)
15:30 H2.1 The endocannabinoid action in the regulation of energy balance is mainly due to the CB1 receptor in the forebrain neurons
Presenter: Carmelo Quarta
15:45 H2.2 Human recombinant GH replacement therapy in children with pseudohypoparathyroidism type Ia and GH deficiency: first study on the effect on growth
Presenter: Giovanna Mantovani
16:00 H2.3 Subtle cognitive impairments in patients with long-term cure of Cushing’s disease
Presenter: Jitske Tiemensma
16:15 H2.4 TAC3 and TACR3 “Knockouts” Cause Hypothalamic Congenital Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism in Humans
Presenter: Jacques Young
16:30 H2.5 Effects of leptin administration on starvation-induced alterations in hepatic thyroid hormone metabolism in mice.
Presenter: Anita Boelen
 17:00   17:15    Coffee Break and Exhibition
Room: Exhibition Hall
 17:15   18:00    Plenary Lecture 4
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: W. Wiersinga (The Netherlands) & TBC
17:15 PL4 Thyronamines: Beyond T4 and T3
T. Scanlon (USA)
 18:15   19:45    Satellite Symposium: Understanding and management of primary hyperparathyroidism: anything new?
Sponsored by Amgen
Room: Panorama Hall
Chair: John Bilezikian (USA)
18:15 Welcome from the chair
John Bilezikian (USA)
18:20 PHPT: prevalence and clinical presentation today
Jens Bollerslev (Norway)
18:50 Non-traditional features of modern PHPT
John Bilezikian (USA)
19:20 Management of PHPT: What matters most?
Claudio Marcocci (Italy)
19:45 Close of meeting
 18:15  19:45    Satellite Symposium: Hypontraemia: is treatment necessary? An interactive forum.
Sponsored by Otsuka
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chair: Paolo Beck-Peccoz
18:15 Welcome and introduction
Paolo Beck-Peccoz
18:20 Mild and moderate hyponatraemia - is treatment necessary?
Chris Thompson
18:45 New approaches to the diagnosis of hyponatraemia
Bruno Allolio
19:05 Considering new treatments in the management of hyponatraemia: Case study highlights
Joseph Verbalis
19:35 Questions and answers
 18:15  19:45    Satellite Symposium: Clinical insights on pituitary tumours
Sponsored by Novartis
Room: Forum Hall
Chair: Michael Sheppard (UK)
18:15 A review of current practice and outcomes from patients with pituitary tumors
Michael Sheppard (UK)
18:45 Achieving optimal outcomes for the patient with Acromegaly
Anna Maria Colao (Italy)
19:15 Strategies for improving outcomes for the patient with Cushings disease
Richard Feelders (The Netherlands)
 20:30 23:59    ECE 2010 Informal Social Evening
Tue 27 April 2010
 08:00   20:00    Registration
 08:45   10:15    Symposium 18: Diabetes in pregnancy
Room: Forum Hall
Chairs: E. Anastasiou (Greece) & R. Lehmann (Switzerland)
08:45 S18.1 Progress towards new criteria for diagnosis and classification of glucose metabolism during pregnancy
A. Kautzky-Willer (Austria)
09:15 S18.2 New treatment modalities in diabetic pregnancy
C. Worda (Austria)
09:45 S18.3 Gestational diabetes: High risk for future diabetes and cardiovascular disease
G. Schernthaner (Austria)
 08:45   10:15    Symposium 19: Fetal microchimerism as an explanation of disease
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chairs: L. Fugazzola (Italy) & U. Feldt-Rasmussen (Denmark)
08:45 S19.1 Microchimerism: Introduction and animal models
K. O'Donoghue (UK)
09:15 S19.2 Molecular microchimerism detection - its importance for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis and preeclampsia
W. Holzgreve (Switzerland)
09:45 S19.3 The role of microchimerism in autoimmune diseases
K. Badenhoop (Germany)
 08:45   10:15    Young Active Research (YAR) Symposium: The way to human metabolic diseases'
Room: Panorama Hall
Chairs: S. Schmid (Germany) & D.M. Schulte (Germany)
08:45 Welcome & Introduction to YAR (DGE-ESE)
S. M. Schmid (Germany)
08:50 Relationship between metabolic parameters and central dopaminergic activity in healthy men
L. Brunerova (Czech Republic)
09:00 Novel syndromes of abnormal insulin sensitivity - lessons for common disease
R. Semple (UK)
09:30 The GG genotype of the G-11391A ADIPOQ poylmorphism might be a risk factor for development of type 2 diabetes mellitus in women
J. Polosak (Poland)
09:40 Adipose tissue development and human metabolic disease
M. Laudes (Germany)
10:10 Closing and invitation for the YAR meeting in 2010
D. Schulte (Germany)
 10:15   11:00    Plenary Lecture 5
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: M. Haluzik (Czech Republic) & A. Sjoholm (Sweden)
10:15 PL5 Discovery and relevance of the Incretin System
D. Drucker (Canada)
 11:00   11:15    Coffee Break and Exhibition
Room: Exhibition Hall
 11:15   12:45    Symposium 20: The endocrine incidentaloma
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: J. Marek ( Czech Republic) & V. Popovic (Serbia)
11:15 S20.1 Thyroid incidentaloma. Endocrine incidentaloma
P. Vitti (Italy)
11:45 S20.2 Pituitary incidentalomas
M. Coculescu (Romania)
12:15 S20.3 Adrenal Incidentalomas
S. Tsagarakis (Greece)
 11:15   12:45    Symposium 21: The cardiometabolic interface
Room: Forum Hall
Chairs: V. Pirags (Latvia) & E. Fliers (The Netherlands)
11:15 S21.1 Endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetes
T. Nystrom (Sweden)
11:45 S21.2 Role of PPAR signalling in diabetic dyslipidemia
B. Staels (France)
12:15 S21.3 Mechanism and treatment of diabetic dyslipidemia
M. Vrablik (Czech Republic)
 11:15   12:45    Symposium 22: MicroRNAs in endocrinology
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chairs: S. Costagiola (Belgium) & J. Kruetzfeldt (Switzerland)
11:15 S22.1 MicroRNAs in biology
H. Leffers (Denmark)
11:45 S22.2 MicroRNAs in thyroid cancer
K. Jazdzewsji (Poland)
12:15 S22.3 The role of microRNAs in hormone signaling
D. Picard (Switzerland)
 11:15 12:45    Oral Communications 5: Reproduction & Thyroid
Room: Panorama Hall
Chairs: M. Simoni (Italy) & V. Zamrazil (Czech Republic)
11:15 OC5.1 Therapeutic concentrations of mitotane inhibit thyrotroph cell viability and TSH secretion in a mouse cell line model
Presenter: Erica Gentilin
11:30 OC5.2 The influence of cure of subclinical hyperthyroidism on diastolic diameters of heart chambers and cardiac index
Presenter: Grzegorz Kaminski
11:45 OC5.3 Socio-economic factors and mortality in Turner syndrome – a registry study
Presenter: Kirstine Stochholm
12:00 OC5.4 One hormone, two functions - The chorionic gonadotropin in New World Monkeys
Presenter: Christian Adams
12:15 OC5.5 Predictive factors of intermittent ovarian function in Patients with Premature Ovarian Failure
Presenter: Maud Bidet
12:30 OC5.6 Universal screening detects twice more thyroid disorders in early pregnancy than targeted high-risk case finding
Presenter: Jiri Horacek
 13:00   14:30    Lunch & Exhibition
Room: Exhibition Hall
 13:00   15:30    Poster session: Talk to me!
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 1: Delayed puberty in boys
Room: Forum Hall
E. Malecka-Tendera (Poland)
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 2: Primary hyperaldosteronism
Room: Meeting Hall I
J. Widimsky (Czech Republic)
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 3: Modern approach to the adult patient with Turner Syndrome
Room: Panorama Hall
C. Gravholt (Denmark)
 13:00   14:00    Meet the Expert 4: Disorders of sexual development (DSD)
Room: Main Auditorium
I. Hughes (UK)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 5: How do you choose your treatment in inoperable pancreatic NET?
Room: Forum Hall
B. Kos-Kudla (Poland)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 6: Management of Graves' ophthalmopathy
Room: Meeting Hall I
G. Krassas (Greece)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 7: Cushing's Syndrome
Room: Panorama Hall
M. Boscaro (Italy)
 14:30   15:30    Meet the Expert 8: Hyponatraemia: Diagnosis and novel treatments
Room: Main Auditorium
C. Thompson (Ireland)
 15:30   17:00    Symposium 23: Obesity: clinical manifestations and therapeutic intervention
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: A. Pfeifer (Germany) & A. Lewinski (Poland)
15:30 S23.1 Obesity: clinical manifestations and therapeutic. Does the choice of diet make any difference?
C. Mantzoros (USA)
16:00 S23.2 Lifestyle intervention and pharmacologic approaches to weight loss
J. Tomlinson (UK)
16:30 S23.3 Hormonal changes after bariatric surgery
M. Guldstrand (Sweden)
 15:30   17:00    Symposium 24: Diagnosis and treatment of endocrine malignancies
Room: Forum Hall
Chairs: A. Tabarin (France) & G. Kaltsas (Greece)
15:30 S24.1 Malignant pheochromocytomas or paragangliomas
P-F. Plouin (France)
16:00 S24.2 Diagnosis and treatment of adrenocortical carcinomas
M. Fassnacht (Germany)
16:30 S24.3 Parathyroid carcinomas
B. Szende (Hungary)
 15:30   17:00    Symposium 25: Non-classical responses to hormones
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chairs: T. Scanlon (USA) & G. Brabant (UK)
15:30 S25.1 Rapid androgen action in epithelial and stromal cells.
G. Castoria (Italy)
15:50 S25.2 Non-classical actions of oestrogens in pancreas
A. Nadal (Spain)
16:10 S25.3 Protein kinase D as a modulator of aldosterone action in the kidney
W. Thomas (Ireland)
16:30 S25.4 Extranuclear effects of thyroid hormones
S. Incerpi (Italy)
 15:30  17:00    Oral Communications 6: Bone
Room: Panorama Hall
Chairs: A. Giustina (Italy) & J. Bollerslev (Norway)
15:30 OC6.1 A proteomic approch to study parathyroid glands
Presenter: Filomena Cetani
15:45 OC6.2 Association between serum osteocalcin and insulin sensitivity in primary hyperparathyroidism
Presenter: Laura Gianotti
16:00 OC6.3 Six novel mutations in 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 1alpha hydroxylase gene in patients with pseudovitamin D deficiency rickets.
Presenter: Genevieve Abeguilel
16:15 OC6.4 Age-dependent features of bone mineral density changes in male rats with hyperthyroidism
Presenter: Vladyslav Povoroznyuk
16:30 OC6.5 The ratio of PTH as measured by third and second generation assays as a marker for parathyroid carcinoma.
Presenter: Etienne Cavalier
16:45 OC6.6 Suppression of Circulating Fibroblast Growth Factor-23 by Cinacalcet in Patients with Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Presenter: Yasuo Imanishi
 17:00   17:15    Coffee Break and Exhibition
Room: Exhibition Hall
 17:15   17:30    ESE Young Investigator Awards & Poster Prizes
Sponsored by Novartis
Room: Main Auditorium
 17:30   18:15    Plenary Lecture 6
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: I. Hughes (UK) & TBC
17:30 PL6 Sex and SOX
R. Lovell-Badge (UK)
 18:30   20:00    Annual General Meeting of the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE)
Room: Panorama Hall
Wed 28 April 2010
 08:00   14:00    Registration
 08:00   09:30    Symposium 26: Adverse effects of drugs on thyroid
Room: Forum Hall
Chairs: M. Weissel (Austria) & L. Bartalena (Italy)
08:00 S26.1 Tyrosine kinase inhibitors and thyroid
P. Rodien (France)
08:30 S26.2 Treatment of amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis type 2: a RCT
S. Eskes (The Netherlands)
09:00 S26.3 Interferons and thyroid
Y. Tomer (USA)
 08:00   09:30    Symposium 27: Multifaceted aspects of neuroprotection
Room: Meeting Hall I
Chairs: M. Hill (Czech Republic) & J. Castano (Spain)
08:00 S27.1 Relationship between oestrogen and cholesterol in neuroprotection
A. Peri (Italy)
08:20 S27.2 Relationship between oestrogen and IGF system in neuroprotection
L.M. Garcia-Segura (Spain)
08:40 S27.3 Progesterone and the nervous system
M. Schumacher (France)
09:00 S27.4 Oestrogen and corticotropin releasing hormone: Two hormones with different targets in neuroprotection
A. Clement (Sweden)
 08:00   09:30    Symposium 28: Hypothalamic networks and energy homeostasis
Room: Panorama Hall
Chairs: AJ van der Lely (The Netherlands) & TBC
08:00 S28.1 PYY and the regulation of appetite control
R. Batterham (UK)
08:30 S28.2 Brain lipogenesis and the control of food intake: the lipostatic hypothesis revisited
M. Lopex (Spain)
09:00 S28.3 Hypothalamic plasticity and the central control of energy balance
T. Horvath (USA)
 09:30   10:15    Plenary Lecture 7
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: A. Beckers (Belgium) & M. Krsek (Czech Republic)
09:30 PL7 New trends in diagnosis and localisation of (neuro) Endocrine Tumours
K. Pacak (Czech Republic)
 10:15   11:15    Meet the Expert 9: Primary hyperparathyroidism: when to intervene?
Room: Forum Hall
C. Marcocci (Italy)
 10:15   11:15    Meet the Expert 10: High throughput mouse phenotyping with metabolomics
Room: Meeting Hall I
J. Adamski (Germany)
 10:15   11:15    Meet the Expert 11: Clinical approach to male infertility
Room: Panorama Hall
C. Krausz (Italy)
 10:15   11:15    Meet the Expert 12: The Zebrafish model
Room: Main Auditorium
V. Laudet (France)
 11:15   11:30    Coffee Break and Exhibition
Room: Exhibition Hall
 11:30   12:30    Meet the Expert 13: Subclinical Hypothyroidism: to treat or not to treat
Room: Forum Hall
V. Fadeyev (Russia)
 11:30   12:30    Meet the Expert 14: Practical management of Diabetes
Room: Meeting Hall I
J. Vassallo (Malta)
 11:30   12:30    Meet the Expert 16: Secondary Osteoporosis
Room: Panorama Hall
J. Stepan (Czech Republic)
 12:30   13:15    Plenary Lecture 8
Room: Main Auditorium
Chairs: S. Damjanovic (Serbia) & C. Mantzoros (USA)
12:30 PL8 An update on the genetics of obesity
S. O'Rahilly (UK)
 13:15   13:30    Farewell and Invitation to Rotterdam
Room: Main Auditorium